New Year, New Savings

New Year, New Savings

New Year, New Savings

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If you let the holiday rush get ahead of you and spend too much money, you might wonder how you're going to get through January — and the rest of the new year — starting out in debt. If you commit to this new year resolution to save, though, you can fix your holiday spending and even save big in 2021. We at NiceLoans! put together this list of tips on how to save money in the new year.

Pay Those Holiday Credit Cards ASAP  
Get your new year off to a good start by paying off credit card debt you built up in December. Start by paying down the cards with the highest interest rates. If you can, consolidate all of your balances into one. You could shift them to your lowest-interest credit card, or you may want to consider installment loans. With installment loans, you can use the cash to pay off debts so you only have to make one regular payment on the loan going forward.  

Make a New Year Resolution 
Even before you pay debts, make a new year resolution to find one or two little ways to save. Maybe you make coffee at home instead of buying it every morning. Maybe you vow to eat out less and cook at home to save on food. You can trade in your gym membership and work out using online videos. Once you start thinking about how to save money, you'll find numerous opportunities.   

Bring in Extra Cash with a Side Hustle 
If you can't figure out how to save money, maybe the problem is that you're not making enough. Taking on a side hustle, even once or twice a week, can make a big difference in your budget. Ride sharing, delivery services, babysitting, running errands, pet sitting — there are many easy ways to make an extra few dollars. 

Return What You Don't Need 
If you bought items in December that you regret in January, grab your receipts and take them back. You can also return gifts you received but don't necessarily need. If you can get cash back, go for the store credit and use it to buy items you do need or gifts for next year.  

Shop Smartly for Next Year 
When you do your shopping, be smart about it. Use cashback apps and coupons. Consider secondhand items when possible, and do price comparisons before you shop. Shop clearance sales throughout the year, and put the items away until the holidays. If you find something online at a place that doesn't offer free shipping, search for it somewhere that does. All of these little things add up to big savings in the new year. 

If you need a boost paying off those December debts, consider NiceLoans! We offer installment loans that come in handy when you need them the most. Contact us to learn more about installment loans or use our store locator to find your nearest NiceLoans! office so you can get started with your application today.
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